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1 a grounder that bounces high in the air [syn: chop]
2 informal terms for a human `tooth' [syn: pearly]
3 an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades [syn: helicopter, whirlybird, eggbeater]
4 a butcher's knife having a large square blade [syn: cleaver, meat cleaver]

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  1. A tool for chopping wood; an axe/ax.
  2. A knife for chopping food.
  3. A helicopter.
  4. The penis.
  5. A type of road motorcycle, especially as used by biker / bikie gangs.


axe/ax See axe/ax
knife for chopping food colloquial: a helicopter slang: the penis

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bicycle, bike, copter, cycle, eggbeater, helicopter, iron, minibike, motocycle, motorbike, motorcycle, pedicab, pig, road-bike, rotary-wing aircraft, rotor plane, trail bike, tricycle, trike, wheel, whirlybird, windmill
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